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Christmastime in Sundance Square

Great weather yesterday afternoon to check out the Christmas tree at Sundance Square Plaza in downtown Fort Worth. While the pandemic has the plaza itself closed, you can observe the tree from a socially acceptable distance. If you don't want to make the trip for yourself, here are some pictures for you.

View of the Christmas Tree on Sundance Square Plaza in downtown Fort Worth with the Tarrant County courthouse in the background
Christmas tree in downtown

The Chisolm Trail Mural on the Jett Building in downtown Fort Worth
Sundance Square Plaza

Nice view of Sundance Square Plaza as well as the KFWR 95.9 FM The Ranch neon sign
Christmas tree, Chisolm Trail mural and 95.9 FM sign

Aerial view of the Tarrant County courthouse in downtown Fort Worth
Tarrant County courthouse

This 360º photo allows you to click and drag to take in the whole scene for yourself.

A short aerial video in the plaza

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