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Aerial view of Will Rogers Memorial Center (inside and out)

Aerial view showing the original casting of Riding into the Sunset, depicting Will Rogers on Soapsuds shown in the shadow, located in Amon Carter Square at WRMC
Soapsuds' shadow at Will Rogers Memorial Center

Recently the folks over at Will Rogers Memorial Center allowed me inside to get some video of the interior of the coliseum itself. In any other year, the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo would have been taking place, but that benchmark in Fort Worth's events calendar will have to wait until 2022. I was able to see the coliseum from a different perspective than usual, hopefully you'll like to take a look.

After that, I gathered some exterior footage of the grounds and noticed a lot of elements from the air that you don't always notice while earthbound. I made sure to include an aerial view of Riding into the Sunset, the original casting featuring Will Rogers on Soapsuds, and was rewarded with a look at how the shadow it creates is intended to be viewed. I could spend all day getting video there, and I may have that opportunity coming up before long. Watch this for a brief glance at some of the architecture.

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